Monday, 23 December 2013

Review from 'Brisbane Kids'

A book for easy family cooking with Food before 5
Written by Ngaire Stirling on September 3, 2013 in Things We Love 

If you are a family short on time then I have found the perfect cook book for you. Its called Food Before 5 and is written Amanda Arnold. So confident in her product, she sent me a free book to review if I wished, and within 3 days I had used her book for every single dinner meal my family had.
What I like about it is its focus on preparing the meal before witching hour. True to their word I achieved this every single time and my biggest food critic- my husband, ate every single meal. Too many times when I open a cookbook I could grab a handful of recipes I might cook and one or 2 I actually would cook. With Food before 5, pretty much every single meal is something I could see myself cooking. Easy, delicious, affordable and ingredients I don’t need to travel to some exotic destination for.
Her website is flooded with similar rave testimonials of mums just like me who were super impressed enough to provide feedback. I also like that its a highly visual book and I took Amanda’s suggestion and let my son pick some meals from the book for dinner. I involved him in the food purchasing and preparation and found the whole process from book to table very easy.
I suggest this is also a great book to pass on to a teen on their way out the door as it offers many of the popular staples but also more modern dinner party type food.
You can buy this book from her website


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